There is a realm called transcendent, called clear understanding there is a philosophical, there is a naive called natural, an attitude called leisurely, an achievement called striking have a prosperous called Weiran, バーバリーマフラーthere is a pleasant call is pleased to have a relieved is kindly, I want the kind of happiness, is indifferent. People, big and difficult to see play, the good times of adversity watch minded. Is anger, see conservation, there are homes something to see the wisdom is to be defeated, look adhere to. バーバリーバッグThe right way to put an unintentional hand knot proper way of Peng off Friends of nonsense, drink the clean of tea, Jiese Flowers wine, open the door, closed the mouth of the non- Everything comes naturally, failing to take it easy; proud when lightly frustrated when frankly; arduous and tortuous necessarily experienced the vicissitudes Wu contingent. Follow the simple will not be tired, adhering to the tolerance will not gas; learn to forget not worry, know that fear was not dangerous; willing to show weakness will not hurt to keep a low profile will not loss; Willing to give up not only bitter, moderately contentment will not regret; remember Thanksgiving was not to blame, the treasure was not ashamed. Life, mind short in order to meet for peace of mind, バーバリーin the due diligence in seeking happiness dedication, loyalty and happiness. Life, as long as the heart chrysanthemum reputation significantly, it will keep the to convergence possession; life, go with the flow and take it lightly, and your life will be filled with sunshine, life will be happy and life will be wonderful and brilliant. The simple joy of two people: a child, a thoroughly aware of the life of the wise. The substance can buy happiness, but happiness comes from the spirit of joy in the heart. The reason why life more pleasant, because you learn to enlarge OK. The joy of life is their attitude towards life, happiness is its own thing, バーバリー財布and if they wish to, you can always exchange their remote controls to adjust the window of the soul to a happy channel. Society happiness, even sad, but also smiling face. Institute of loneliness, not who will treat you as treasure guarding. Learn to be independent, and can no longer blindly trouble others to do their own things. Institute of unsympathetic, the roll to roll, the stay will remain. Learn to grow up, can not be as wayward. Learn to forget, can not live in the past time. Mood, an emotional state, with a good mood, will have the self-confidence, which in turn has a young and healthy. バーバリーアウトレットYou have a yearning for a future life, full of hope, so we have a good mood, because life is luck and happy.

samedi 16 février 2013 08:37


Give yourself a good mood, ルイヴィトンand let the world in front of you smile: in a good mood to others, so that the life of our smile, good mood is the wealth of life, good mood and stay with us. On such a life, happy is the day, unhappy is the day, so you must give force happy. On such a life of wrongdoing can not be re-broken heart is difficult for them to heal, so you must not regret it. On such a life, after today will not be another today, a single minute will not go back, so you must cherish every minute. You remember the moment to be happy with the happiness with.ヴィトン A pursuit, obviously disappointed, but do not want to look back. There is an effort, obviously failed, but do not want to stop. Kind of like, obviously wrong, but do not want to let go; There is a beautiful, obviously fantasy, but do not want to wake up. Life, a lot of things in life,ルイヴィトン長財布 a lot of love so that there is no reason, and without reason, love is love, love is like no results, but also without result, and willingly, without complaint. Real life is not perfect, the only imperfection is the most real beauty; life is not easy, only through the clutter to Lulu Shun; life is not always successful, only to stand up in the frustration is the real success in life, only flash considered eternal life. Do not pessimistically consider themselves unfortunate, ルイヴィトン財布in fact, still many more unfortunate than you; Do not think he is very optimistic about the great, in fact, you are just a drop in the ocean. Learn to adapt to your environment becomes bright; learn to adjust, let your heart is no longer sad; learn to be tolerant, to make your life no trouble; Society of dedication to make your life full of sunshine. In fact, the sky was blue, the clouds always scattered; fact, the sea is not wide, the other side even on this side; fact, tears are sweet, when your heart to do so. Emotions and see the world is a tragedy, a rational look at is a comedy. Sometimes not understand, just do not want to understand, ヴィトン長財布sometimes not do not know, just do not want to say it. Sometimes does see, but understand that can not do anything, so he remained silent. Some words, suitable for keeping everything,ヴィトン財布 some pain, for silent forget some memories, only suitable for occasional out aftertaste. A lot of things, when experienced, ヴィトンバッグknow like a lot of changes, do not need to say it's like they understand. All days will come, all day, they will in the past, everything seemed to occur, and if everything did not happen. The so-called back a century, so-called gloomy, so-called Haikushilan, the so-called cave only a few days, the world has been the Millennium. That everything will be in the past, those who can make the things we cherish, originally not much Live muddled easy happiness, ルイヴィトンバッグlive too sober people easily upset. Sober too real, everything is too contests, trouble everywhere. Confused person, I do not know how to care about, although simple and rough, but therefore to find life realm.

samedi 16 février 2013 08:34


A letter addressed to the grandmother in heaven Dear Grandma: Hello blink of an eye, you leave this world, leave us almost two months. Grandma, you in heaven a good time? UGG激安I know too much misfortune and helplessness experienced in your life, your since I still infant baby, with deep sadness and pain in mood to leave this happy home, and now, nearly three decades as fleeting blink of an eye later, your grandson or granddaughter has already grown up, you most loved son of white sideburns coming from, your daughter-in-law has also been wrinkled, everyone knew it all aged a lot. Decades of his life, to bring everyone too many different experiences, joy, grief, regret, complain. Whenever アグthese recall all that kind of piercing, everything is so fresh in our memory. Grandma, you still alive never enjoy over children, daughter-in-law, grandson, granddaughter, who bring you a day of filial piety, a hurry to finish his decades of life with regret. Grandmother, UGGクラシックショートoriginal to say the past few years then come back to you, so that you can enjoy a few days filial children and grandchildren of your compensation, but you have ... Grandmother, all these years, you suffer in that family, アグアウトレットAlthough we often went to visit your elderly, but also not enough, you know that there are some things to our home tends to the helplessness of reality, we never put back to their own home, here, we sincerely apologize to you, we were wrong, Grandma. I know already too late,UGGブーツ that will never be repeated opportunity simply irreparable fate, this time, of right and wrong was wrong, and repeatedly, has always been fair, this is life . Grandma, since you left us, UGG割引our hearts are very painful. But we are still willing to be happy in heaven. Grandmother, アグブーツfilial children and grandchildren so alive when wronged, I hope you can forgive our mistakes earlier, bless your children and grandchildren, good health and everything goes well, we will always miss you ... Of your filial Sun Feng, and all your loved ones

samedi 16 février 2013 08:34


Generation marriage mostly with their parents or in-laws are arranged. Sometimes, ルイヴィトンI really do not understand, before marriage, they did not even face meet, or wedding, to have children, hand in hand to the old. Grandparents have been too old to walk, no big deal who wore. ヴィトンThey often sit for most of the day at home. Watching the sunrise and sunset, waiting for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also feel that their own older, and children are not already communicated when talking about family, they could not get a few words. Too many new things, they do not understand, and old people speak slowly and only listen to but did not say in the negotiations, it began to feel lonely and feel more'll stay important. The old couple often sitting at the gate, the one sitting in the main room, a distance of only one house. Every ten minutes, the front door, there came a voice: "an old woman, and want to drink it?" Just listen to the church house back loudly: ルイヴィトン財布"No, not thirsty." After a period of time no sound. Grandfather than my grandmother, hands and feet to be relatively flexible, pour a tea can be up to her to get something. Soon, my grandmother called upon them in the back: "The old man!" Hey, what? The grandfather and worse than head to look at. ヴィトン財布The grandmother said: "Nothing, call out loudly, or do not know where you die to go." No should be an old man, turned his head to continue sitting. Sometimes, ルイヴィトンバッグGrandpa nap did not hear the anxious grandmother limped went to the door to look at, and pushing him: "dead old man, called nor was said at." Then reversed house while walking said: "Go to sleep, go to sleep, while call you for dinner." Two elderly people, so every day you look at me,ヴィトンバッグ I look at you, 大眼瞪小眼, sometimes sit and not say anything, after a few minutes you call me soon, I call upon you soon. Listen to the grandmother said, when I was younger, my grandfather never so every day around her turn to have education, two people a few days do not say a word. Not noisy nor trouble is that to live under one roof, the rise not bow to see, nothing got a confession. The grandmother married here, never seen Grandpa side, just listen to what others say, this man is honest and competent. ルイヴィトン長財布 Married grandfather would have if not few and grandmother talk, playing jokes. However, she never complained about my grandfather, she felt two people living in a house buried, was pretty real.

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TV host Yang Lan have an interview with the winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry,バーバリーマフラーthe Chinese-American Daniel C. Tsui. Daniel C. バーバリーバッグTsui was born in the rural areas of Henan, parents are an illiterate farmers, but his mother quite visionary, stiff upper lip live frugally in Daniel C. Tsui, 12 years old, he sent the village reading. This walk, causing Daniel C. Tsui parents goodbye. Later, he went to Hong Kong, China, the United States became a world celebrity. This point, Yang Lan asked Daniel C. Tsui: "Are you 12 years old, if you do not go out to school, what will happen?" バーバリーThe result, of course, that he would not have today, perhaps still in Henan rural farming. But Daniel C. Tsui answer far beyond people's expectations, he said: "バーバリー財布If I do not come out, three years of difficult times my parents would not have died." Cui Qi regret to tears. The career of his struggles, he was certainly more than once thought about his parents, and also thought that one day finally and parents spend together. But things are not satisfactory, when I look back, the parents had left him. Since then, life,バーバリーアウトレット no matter how brilliant, after all, can not make up for the parents no longer regret. I remembered a friend recently returned from the United States. Calls from him, I'm surprised. Because this friend is far away in the United States, would like to settle in a foreign country, parents are also very supportive, work and study is going well, we all thought, he settled in the United States is a matter of course. Now a lot of people are not trying to go abroad to do?

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